Miller Creek Aerial Mapping Certified as King County Small Contractor and Supplier Firm

Miller Creek Aerial Mapping, LLC (MCA) is proud to announce that King County, Washington has certified us for participation in their Small Contractor and Supplier program.  

The certification is part of King County's Contracting Opportunities Program.  Participation in the program provides benefits through the receipt of additional award points when the County is making consulting award decisions.  To remain eligible for participation in the program, MCA's owners, Jim Schulz and Jeff Kenner, are required to complete 15 hours of business training during the first year of enrollment.

MCA has already completed two projects for King County's Water and Land Resources division, and is currently the QA/QC contractor for the County's Regional 2015 Orthophoto program.  This certification will help MCA maintain its relationship with the County, and should make MCA look more favorable as a potential subcontractor for various King County engineering and planning projects.

Miller Creek Aerial Mapping, LLC Selected as King County Orthophoto QA/QC Contractor

Miller Creek Aerial Mapping, LLC (MCA) of Burien, Washington has been selected by King County to be the Quality Assurance/Quality Control and Data Acceptance Testing (DAT) contractor in support of its 2015 Digital Orthophotography for the Western Regional Puget Sound Area in Washington State project.  King County is taking the lead for a consortium of more than 100 regional stakeholders in managing this project covering nearly 3,900 square miles. 

Working as an active partner with King County and selected acquisition contractor, GeoTerra, Inc., MCA will prepare a detailed plan identifying the methods and criteria to be used for quality checks and acceptance/rejection testing of deliverables.  MCA will perform review of the flight and survey control plans, acquired imagery, aerotriangulation, orthophoto deliverables and potential supplemental deliverables.  Project completion is expected in early 2016.

King County Regional Orthophoto Extents by Resolution