Topographic Mapping

Miller Creek's staff are experts at the preparation of topographic data from remotely sensed data sources such as stereo imagery or lidar.  More importantly, we design projects to utilize combinations of technologies and techniques that best meet the technical and budgetary requirements of your projects. 

By working with you to define your project's requirements with respect to accuracy, content and deliverables, our professional photogrammetrists can assure the proper application of technology.  We will know whether your project's topo will be best derived by field survey, lidar, manual photogrammetry, autocorrelation, structure from motion or some fused hybrid of these technologies.

    Most of our projects include the delivery of contours.  Increasingly however, our clients are requesting delivery of topographic information in various other forms and formats.  Following are some examples:

    • Civil 3D surface
    • Triangulated irregular network (TIN)
    • Point cloud in .LAS or the compressed .LAZ
    • Arc Grid
    • ASCII masspoint and breakline files
    • USGS DEM