Aerial DATA Acquisition

The aerial mapping professionals at Miller Creek Aerial Mapping have designed aerial data acquisition plans for thousands of projects.  This experience includes design of flights using precision film cameras, digital imaging sensors, unmanned (drones) and various lidar systems.

This experience is especially valuable in light of the ever increasing use of digital imaging sensors.  Modern precision digital sensors vary dramatically in terms of their sensor array formats and lens focal lengths.  Understanding how these variables affect the acquired data, enables our professionals to determine the proper sensor(s) for your project, and assure the data are acquired in a way that maximizes project benefit through a combination of data quality and budgetary consideration.

For manned operations, MCA utilizes a large network of aerial imagery and lidar data acquisition partners.  Working with a widely distributed set of partners help MCA maintain cost competitiveness by minimizing aircraft mobilizations.  Other benefits include the ability to select from a wide variety of sensors and acquire imagery simultaneously at numerous sites regardless of location.  

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MCA employs two FAA licensed UAS pilots, and owns two rotary wing unmanned aircraft.  The drones are capable of capturing 4K HD video as well as nadir oriented imagery suitable for very high resolution topographic mapping, NDVI analysis and facility inspection.